Monday, 24 September 2012

Automated Paydays Review

A quick review of Automated Paydays

What is it?

A one-time cost membership site. Includes a Getting Started page with step by step details on setting up and profiting online with affiliate marketing. I love affiliate marketing . . . no customers to deal with, no returns, no stock etc. All anonymous and very profitable.  Easy to expand and works in virtually any niche.
Automated Paydays contains good, solid information, which has proven itself time and time again. They include their own twists which make things faster and easier to set up quickly but profitably.

What level is this for?

This is aimed at 'Newbie's', but contains plenty of advanced strategies too. Phase 1, as it's called, takes you step by step through setting up online the profitable way. You can start from scratch and follow the steps, without any previous experience. It includes everything you need other than hosting and a domain name, which cost around $20 total.
Also included, which is unusual for a product at this price, is an addition called Phase 2. This covers automating everything and is the icing on the cake. High level information which is usually only included in much more expensive products.

What are the highlights?

For starters, you get a website built for you for free. A real WordPress site, which many companies charge a couple of hundred dollars to build. That's impressive.
The steps are easy to follow and the principles are proven profitable. There are so many rich affiliates out there, but to join them you have to set up right and follow certain rules. All that is included and it's obvious the creators of Automated Paydays are very successful affiliate marketers themselves.
So for me, Phase 2 as they call it is the biggest highlight. This is about total automation, which is usually advanced, expensive info, and the kind of strategy reserved for the heavy hitters online.  In fact most Newbie's will not come across it for years. But it's included here and they've made it easy to follow and simple to implement. A great and valuable addition.
You also get support from a dedicated support team. Another very valuable bonus and excellent news if you're new to online marketing.

How much does it cost?

It's $?? and when you take into account you get step by step from scratch guides, a free real website and Phase 2 which is worth the cost on its own, Automated Paydays really is a brilliant value for money.


A very good starting place for those wishing to carve out an income online. Step by step instructions, with plenty of detail ensuring you get off to a flying start, but also everything you need to continue growing your income too. Phase 2 is an incredible addition and raises Automated Paydays well above anything else around at the moment. With the inclusion of support when you get stuck, you won't find anything else this complete anywhere near this price.